I thought you would jump Isabelle, us holding hands, we decided together, another crazy go around, besides, this white formal wear was unbecoming and a bit safe for our taste. I remember now. On the count of three, standing

together on the mossy edge of this fateful precipice of

reincarnation, the purple vortex playing off the love in our eyes, a product of projection in this ever after ethereal

romance, we dove. And as I began my swan, darling, your delicate hand slipped from mine. In my fall I spun back to meet your gaze from where we stood, where you now stand, before you realized that it was me that needed to go back. That it was me the world needed. When our eyes locked,

I could see the honest love you held for me inside every tear rolling across your angelic features, I could feel every drop, and for each, I blew a kiss for you to catch. I hope you caught them love. I am grateful you will be safe,

for I know the big bands will keep you cheerful, I know

you will have no trouble finding company,

company as pleasant as mine, I sincerely doubt,

but company, nonetheless.

So you wait, keeping my heart and my grandfather’s cuff links safe until the day I return. Isabelle love, I understand, I understood then, I knew you couldn’t bear it, this last go wore on you harder I think, besides, they discontinued your favorite scent around the 50’s and so far I’ve only found empty bottles with ghost’s of you trapped inside. There is a product they call YouTube, yes, a funny sort of thing, but it has led me to some of our favorite melodies and I was

reconnected darling, I remember, we had the best of times in the worst of times and I could not have gone on without you then and I am finding it hard now, but I am managing quite well I think. At least for the moment I have the music, in my dreams it plays from the trees, the two of us dancing slow, my arms behind your back toying gently with the lace on that favorite gown you never cared to wear out over and again. Dear, in that little clearing up at Cynthia’s past the stream, when I poured your glass a little too

graciously, when we went out for air… There was snow on the ground that night and remember how I boasted that our tracks were the first and you spotted some from a rabbit and I kidded they were a bear’s? It is just that when the music decrescendo’s as the moon grows brighter and I lean in for a kiss, feeling the cold on your nose as I move in closer

holding you tighter,

and just before we meet…

I wake.

I love you darling.