This all started when I found a list of pager codes (beepers) from the 90’s while just floating around the internet one day. Codes for quick communications, like, you send 637 and it’s decoded as “always and forever”, just common quick codes for quick communications. I remembered I had a recording from New Orleans I took at this sublet that came with a guitar. It had a kind of tuning that was right for that moment, it had a soul slightly out of shape, like most souls, like most relationships. That’s what I felt reading that list of beeper codes, it was a progression of a relationship, a toxic one, but a special kind of love and it all fit. I shot a video of a colorfully looping L.E.D. sign at a church off Grand Blvd. a week prior to finding this list and threw it in the background. In one take and with as much authentic expression I could vocally, recorded the list. Everything fit together synchronistically over the period of time it needed to fit together how it was meant to. I projected it at an event called “Da Bedroom” at the Milwaukee lofts.

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Soundtrack recorded in New Orleans, LA.