I created this video for a group show of visual artists at City Club. I had the main entrance, the loop projected all night long and set a tone for visitors upon entering. I was obsessed with Jet Ski’s and still am, the motorcycle of the water. Living in Hamtramck I would see Kinder chocolates at most grocery checkouts and the child face had a certain haunting energy to it, which fit my tone. I as well included a clip from some of the more bizarre internet findings I’ve come across, expressing a depth to the internet that is mostly overlooked. The internet has very dark corners, the Deep Web accounts for 99% of the internet… I find Muhammed Ali intriguing, an untouchable figure in the world, a saint of sorts. I was essentially taking the internet in, chewing on it, and spitting it back out for the world to see. The animation was met with much intrigue and the artists of the event represented a very experimental side to visuals. Everything fit nicely.

All aspects and assets of production created and executed by J. Gauty.