A short-cryptic

ABRACADABRA was shot on the run. The footage was acquired while looting an abandoned school. The B roll family footage was from found VHS tapes on location. I shot the beginning water scene at the Detroit Zoo from within the Sea Lion habitat. Audio is a slowed down version of: Louis Armstrong – When It’s Sleepy Time Down South.

“Going away party” is an exploration of the dimensions of video. From the individual images that make up the 24 captured frames per second, to a dream world that seems to be operating in the mind of the cameras perspective. The alternating keyword segments traveling at a higher speed juxtaposed against the slow crawl towards a dark and mysterious door. The wash of relief that follows in the mind of the viewer, and the witness being witnessed behind a laptop and how we as viewers witness this perception.

“Bol-e” is a creature I created through my vices, his name is Mr. Bola, he’s 16 forever and 73. This was shot during the Ebola scare, there was a heavy concern that the North American continent was facing a possible epidemic. I saw it as scare tactics, slapped a YOLO(you only live once) on it, threw a Winnie the Pooh onesie on and looked extinction right in it’s eye. I wrote the organ song playing in the background from a romantic southern port town perspective. The power of looping video is a purgatory of feeling, I liked this feeling and wanted to share.

All aspects and assets of production created and executed by J. Gauty.