HNAF 2017

I originally created this for the Hamtramck Neighborhood Arts Festival in the winter of 2017. I used a black sheet while performing as a ghost so that I could invert the colors in post. I did this to be able to project a white ghost on a dark wall at night, giving the illusion that it is real and not a projection. I projected it from my upstairs window down onto the wall that it was originally shot on. I skewed the video to match the rectangular dimensions of the wall to correct the angle from where I was projecting. This was met with much praise and admiration, it really caught the eye of the passerby during the festival. Some time later I felt a compulsion to write the song “Haunting friend” and in a moment of improvisation and catharsis, performed the song in one take. During the creation of these pieces some time apart, struggling with alcoholism; I found these two pieces to match each other in feeling, and synchronistically, they came together almost magically.